#Future Past History

Once Earthlings were able to move off the planet en masse with cheap and effective H2LiftShips, colonization of the surrounding areas progressed rapidly.

As always, it could go one of a few ways:

  • Earth gets better, and commerce off-planet helps everyone.

  • We only bring our happy animals with us, no pests.

  • Dogs, Cats, some Birds - Yes

  • Edible ungulates - Yes

  • Mice and Rats, Fleas, ticks, lice: that would be a big NO

The inhabited off-world space, free of pests, work together and only share profitable, fair endeavors


We bring our prejudices and personalities to a virtually unlimited surface area

and things go pretty much as expected.

Pick your epoch and style: Replication on a rock or two is pretty much guaranteed.

For better, or worse.

Oh, and Rats, fleas, ticks, and lice found a way to join us (Sorry mice!)

Any viable society needs a constant flow of goods and services to be healthy.

The H2LiftShips are the commercial link between all of inhabited Sol.

Fast rockets are available but are cost-prohibitive compared to solar sails.

In any case, Earth is now the breadbasket of the system and has become more and more agrarian.

Luna was the first rock colonized, and Light Ships moved out to the asteroids in due time.

The Asteroids are the miners and processors of minerals and computer cores.

The outer planets are still being bothered by the scientists and adventurers, but they contribute nothing to Sol’s economy, yet. They are pretty, though.

Mars, the dusty, dry, cold distant cousin is now a prison planet and handles finances for the Solar economy.