pee the Moon

When we colonize the moon, we need lots of power to keep things humming.

Two methods seem obvious: solar cells and turbines.

While solar cells can be a significant source of electricity, turbines can provide surge power.

Solar cells have a few drawbacks that make them less than ideal for the moon: micrometeorites and dust.

The dust problem can be addressed by putting the solar cells in a rack, each angled to catch the sun and shake, shimmy, shake at intervals.

Since you already have a solar rack, just add closed-loop Ammonia Turbines at select sites.

The temperature difference between Lunar day (+125'C) and crater shadows (-170'C) will do for a gas/liquid transformation.

Glass faced, stainless steel tubes rising above crater walls can capture solar insolation to heat Ammonia to a gaseous state (temperature of -34'C and above).

Where oh where can we find Ammonia on the moon?

Humans to generate pee, a little bit of basic chemistry, and voila, you have all the Ammonia needed, over time.