Photons as wave and particle

As you view a wave, all you see is the wave pattern,
but Photons dip deep below the wave to loop
into the next wave and appear to be a particle

Photonic bullets…

Can you add mass to photons to make a photonic bullet?

 Build a mirrored octagon box with the mirrors facing inward. inject a laser beam in one end pointed to one of the corners, continue adding to the stream of the bouncing laser.

Assuming little or no loss of energy when the beam strikes a mirror, is the energy additive, or will it disappear once the flow is turned off?

Can you build up enough energy and open a shutter and send out a photonic bullet?

  If you take the accepted form of photons being a wave, probably not, but if you use the reverse Dark-wave function, maybe so.  

Dark Matter Computer

  • Once we identify and harvest dark matter, it is only a small step to interspace it with photons to build your basic binary computer, small and fast, I'd expect.

  • "Once" being the operating word.

  • Oh wait, isn't dark matter just the invisible section below the x-axis of a photon sine wave?